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Loud Forest is Rachel and Bernard Chadwick. Based in Los Angeles, Loud Forest is the culmination of two strong willed humans, equally matched as singers and performers. Bernard and Rachel have two very different styles of songwriting - Bernard is direct and angular, Rachel is abstract and experimental. It is in the studio collaborating with other talented musicians that the pieces come together in a way that is a mix of rock, minimal art noise, and gospel.


released May 27, 2016

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Rachel and Bernard Chadwick in Pasadena, CA at Legge Alley Project Space.
Album mastered by Daniel Brouns at Firehouse Studios in Pasadena CA.
Art direction and logo design by Tanner Teale.



all rights reserved


Loud Forest Pasadena, California

Loud Forest is a band, a duo, a wall of noise, stacks of harmonic sound, and moody melodies. Rachel plays guitar, Bernard plays drums, we both sing.

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Track Name: Set You Free
Henry, show me your eyes look into the light.
Look into the mighty fire.
Just one time, only to see it will set you free.

No one really saw you there.
It was the halloween mask, you insisted to wear.
Blocked our vision from the sun.
Made us think you were the one.

Set you free.

You were there looking down.
Never thought you'd come back around.
It's the way you made us feel.
Like you were there, but not real.
Track Name: Under Your Spell
You talk so fast I can't understand
Under your spell I can't get enough.
I'm in control that's what I tell myself.
I'm in control, I'm in control, I'm in control.

Now I can never sleep. Now I can never dream
I never meant to give that up

I'm under your spell, I'm under your spell

I hold you up to a hollow light.
You break my heart just to make it right.
The colors you gave are fading back to white.
Are fading back to white. Are fading back to white.
Track Name: Loneliness Is Making Us Wild
I know you're waitin' for the water to get warm
But its been cold here every night and you'll be waitin' for the summer.
I hear you singin' about emptiness and lies
But everybody's got that song and everybody's got that fight

We're lonely too
Loneliness will get us all outside
We're lonely too
Loneliness is making us all wild

I know you're stuck again there's nothing on the tube
You try to write but you can't feel it without the inspiration
You're taking pictures of yourself in bathing suits
You've got to get the composition to fake a little truth

I know you're getting lost

Don't wait for the phone to ring
Don't wait for anything
Take your clothes off by the lake
We'll meet you in the middle
Track Name: True Love/True Love
Once or twice you took the heart of me love.
Sold and bartered all the parts of me love.
Said you had a broken heart for me love.
Said I was your one and only true love.

Ohh. True Love/True Love

I reach through the screen to move your heart love.
Don't be shy to share I need your friends love.
Keep me on your mind I'll never leave.
I'll surprise you every time I speak.
Track Name: I'm Not Your Friend/I'm Not Your Enemy
Save a seat take a seat
Saw your white face your new space
You flit and you mingle, you're talking single
Talk broad strokes, make funny joke.

I'm not your friend.
I'm not your enemy.
I'm not your friend
I'm not your e-e-enemy

Hold in your feelings, keep it appealing
We are getting nowhere.
You talk of daughters following rules
And you take me for a fool, take me for a fool

I'm empty come and fill me up.
I'm empty come and fill me up.
I'm empty come and fill me up.
I'm empty come and fill me up.
Track Name: Drag Me/Don't Drag Me
Trouble found me, hid behind the door.
I've been below these bridges, these bitches, white witches galore.
Heal me, or break me down.
Feel me or let me drown.
Save me or free me, just don't drag me around.

Pack your bags and leave, or stay forever with me.
I see a light between the trees or maybe I've been brought to my knees.

Your face in the window, cold as snow.
Pane of reflection I'm below.

Pack your bags and leave, or stay forever with me.
I see a light between the trees, or maybe I've been brought to my knees.

Drag me, Drag me
Don't Drag me, Drag me

You promise me something on the breeze
You promise me nothing and I can't breathe
Track Name: There You Are
Fall, Fall fall on your knees
All you sinners and beggars, beg till you bleed
Repent, confess and lay your burdens down

Cry cry, your face in the ground
Swear you won't go, wanna be heaven bound
Promise me you'll never do your bad deeds again

There you are, there you are again
No better off than where you've always been

Cry cry, you repeat the same mistakes
You know it's just the same ol' dirty heartbreak
What can you try to be there's no way up you're down

Swear it, swear it
Swear it, swear it
Swear it, swear it
The best you can
Track Name: If Words Had Power
I saw you like a vision from above
Above the heavens, you were so high
You couldn't hear me I was shouting
You drifted down, out of my sight

They brought you down, beneath the ocean
Leveled you out of your emotion

If I could love you like a saint
If my words had power to make you break
I would say go, be free

There is this dream I can't forget
You were a giant, crystal tree
All of your branches made of glass
It was the strangest, beautiful scene.

They cut you down, took all your crystals
Leveled you out, of all your courage
Track Name: Save Your Change
Save all your change
Wait for a change
Spent another day
Wishing you'd go away

People I used to know
Don't let their feelings show
Stare up and down the street
Come bright morning


Where are you now
Run ahead, wipe your brow
Some things never understood
We are neither bad nor good
Track Name: Love You Like a Saint
Saw you like a saint, I saw you like a vision
A vision from above, up above the heavens
Brought you down beneath the ocean
Way below the ground where there's no religion

I'm gonna love you like a saint

With your long hair down floating in the water
With no one else around I would love you like a daughter
Love will cover everything nothing can separate you from God

Your voice came down I heard you like a siren
Everything around consumed us like a fire
Oh like a fire
Track Name: Just Go To The Woods
You're in the city but you belong in the woods
You look so pretty but you belong inn the woods
It's all those mad looks, you're looking all caged in
You're in the city

All of the people that you see here everyday
Convincing you that you must be here to stay
But then those mad looks they will take you by surprise
Reminding you that you're just animal in disguise

Just go to the woods.
Just go to the woods.
Just go to the woods.
Just go to the woods.

You're in the city, and often you feel refined
You've got some nice things, and sometimes you can be kind
But then those mad looks, you're pacing between the walls
You're in the city